We offer a variety of programs to help support your science teaching. To be updated about any of the programs below please sign up for our newsletter here.

Contact information: Our program coordinator, Ashley will be happy to answer any of your questions or requests.

Hands-On Science Workshops (Visiting Scientists)

Our Role Model volunteers develop and deliver fun, hands-on science activities in their area of expertise. Girls and boys get to meet real scientists and hear about what they do.

AGE: 5-19, GENDER: All

STEM Activity Workshop Kits

These kits come with everything you need to run a STEM activity with your class. Alternatively, share it with a group of students to run their own workshop. Every kit features a profile of a female Canadian scientist as well as STEM positive keepsakes (e.g. colour changing I heart Science pencils). 

Our current kits include:

  • Whatchamacallit tubes: Scientific Process
  • Building Fractals: Sierpinski Triangle, a Math Exploration
  • Busting Stereotypes: Science Careers
  • (in progress) Mammoth Snot: Ancient pollen, a Palaeontology Activity

AGE: ~10-19, GENDER: All


eMentoring is an 8-week online mentoring program which connects senior high school girls with female mentors working in a STEM field. Each week the pairs are provided with prompts for the conversations. It runs twice yearly, in the Spring and in the Fall.

AGE: ~15-19, GENDER: Identifies as female

Quantum Leaps Conferences

STEM career conferences organized by youth. We provide funds, guidance (through a conference manual), and help finding speakers. Our STEM activity workshop kits can also be used during the conference.

AGE: ~15-19, GENDER: There must be at least 50% female speakers and organizers.

Science Paraphernalia

Ellen Tamblyn, a grade 12 student in BC created 6 portraits of female Canadian scientists. These are available as 8.5″X11″ posters for your class. Contact us for your free posters.