SCWIST MakePossible Mentoring Network to Advance Diversity in STEM

Connect, collaborate and lead in SCWIST’s MakePossible Mentoring Network


Harvard Business Review recommends a diverse “mentoring board of directors” to support career advancement - find yours through SCWIST MakePossible

MakePossible is an online platform developed by SCWIST that is based on skill-sharing and 360o mentoring:  everyone has expertise to share and skills they wish to develop.  MakePossible offers flexibility to create mentoring connections that are based on your needs and availability, and can be enhanced with face-to-face meetings, workshops and networking events.  It’s free, quick to join (<5 min) and then browse members. Women and men join to find mentors, develop skills, share expertise, collaborate, explore career paths and expand networking connections. 

  • Weekly updates introduce new members to the community
  • Access networking events, professional development and leadership resources
  • Follow people and discussions specific to skills and expertise 
  • Join a GROUP to connect with others within a similar sector or organization

MakePossible members have diverse backgrounds:  from undergrads to post docs, junior to mid-career professionals, to senior leaders and CEOs; across broad STEM sectors, academia, corporate and non-profit organizations; from coast to coast and expanding internationally.  Join now and share your expertise at