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Why Become a SCWIST Member?

As a member of SCWIST, you will be supporting a community of diverse and dynamic women who are passionate about their jobs - whether that be in science, technology, engineering or math fields. But you don't have to identify as a woman to be a member! Our website, regular newsletters and email correspondence will keep you informed of opportunities to volunteer, network and engage in professional development programs and events. You will be alerted about opportunities: to volunteer, to lead and to learn. Your membership will also help support SCWIST’s mission in delivering events and workshops to the SCWIST community, PLUS you'll receive special, member-only discounts to all SCWIST events, selected partner-events, and to products, programs and services we think you'll enjoy through the year!


SCWIST General : 

Boost & retain graduates & early career women in STEM fields

IWIS – Immigrating Women in STEM:

Help internationally-trained women build careers in Canada


Make Possible Mentoring Network:

Connect, collaborate and lead in a STEM mentoring network for undergrads to CEOs

SCWIST Science Fair Scholarships:

Recognizing girls and women’s achievement in STEM



Membership benefits include:

  • Free SCWIST events (personal, financial & professional development workshops, networking events & so much more)
  • Save $5 – $50 on all other SCWIST events with member’s discount
  • Discounts to partner events
  • Networking & Mentorship opportunities
  • Access to a large network of professional women in STEM
  • Volunteering opportunities
  • Participate in SCWIST’s governance and gain experience in management

Honourary Members

SCWIST recognizes long-standing members who provide exceptional contributions to the organisation and its mission with a life-long honourary membership. Names are required to be put forward at an Annual General Meeting and accepted by a three-quarter vote of the membership in attendance. We thank the following honourary members for all that they have done (and continue to do!) for SCWIST:

Kathleen Akins, Margaret Benston*, Hilda Ching, Anne Condon, Betty Dwyer, Frances Fournier, Diana Herbst, Maria Klawe, Penny LeCouteur, Julia Levy, Hiromi Matsui, Barbara Moon, Judith Myers, Evelyn Palmer, Shauna Paull, Martha Piper, Joe Quan*, Linda Reid, Abby Schwarz, Mary Vickers, Maria Issa, Gordana Pejic, Anja Lanz, Joanne Melville, Sandra Eix.