SCWIST is a society built upon volunteers.  They play an integral part in helping us to advance our programming and achieve our organisation’s mission, and we are grateful for their time, talents, passion and commitment. In return, we provide our volunteers with opportunities to develop skills and create experiences that will stay with them forever.

One philosophy is at the heart of our volunteering – we match each volunteer with the role that’s best for her (or him). So, let us know… what skills can you bring to SCWIST and what experience would you like to gain?

Volunteering on our committees is one of the benefits and privileges provided to our valued SCWIST members in addition to the other resources that SCWIST membership provide to them. So become a SCWIST member now and help us achieve our goals!

Who can become a committee volunteer with SCWIST?

  1. You are a SCWIST member in good standing
  2. You are 19+
  3. Your resume meets the minimum requirements by SCWIST for the committee of your interest
  4. You pass an interview with the Director of the desired committee

Do I have to be a member to volunteer with SCWIST?

We require all committee members to become members of SCWIST, and sign a confidentiality agreement as you'll become an integral part of our operations, helping with anything from organising events, performing due diligence on potential partners, writing grants, and creating new programming.

Are there volunteering opportunities available which don't require membership?

Yes!  We are always on the look-out for new eMentors for our MsInfinity program, speakers for events, people to help our events run smoothly, promoters, communications experts and volunteers looking for a shorter commitment to the organisation.

Steps to become a volunteer at SCWIST

  1. No matter what kind of volunteer you want to be, Fill out the online form below.
  2. Our Administrative assistant will add you to our volunteer pool and connect you to the Director, Membership and Volunteers if you have stated any specific interests in your submitted online application.
  3. When vacancies become available you will be emailed information about the role and how to apply.  You may be requested to supply a copy of your resume, a cover letter, a link to your LinkedIn profile or a combination of these. 
  4. Upon meeting the skill and experience requirements, your application will be passed the Director of the committee for interview.  If successful, your membership status will be confirmed, you will be asked to sign our volunteer pledge and you will officially join us as a volunteer.